Our Mission

The World Energy Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to human progress and the preservation of nature on a global scale. We put the power of technology at the core of our mission to deliver renewable energy to those who need it most.

Founded in 2013, TWEF has set out to change the way the world thinks about energy. The archaic idea that energy is a commodity is no longer applicable to our globalized community. This old way of powering our lives has crippled our home to a near irreparable state. There must be a paradigm shift to tip our global culture over the edge to renewable sustainability.

This idea is the driving force behind The World Energy Foundation. Our goal is to help developing nations “leapfrog the grid,” because energy belongs to everyone and everything, it is a right shared by the entire global ecosystem. Today, we possess the technology to deliver renewable energy to all walks of life and we intend to do just that.

Join us in our coalition for the freedom of energy.